METTLER TOLEDO's advanced dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor series, InPro 5000i, is specially designed for use in sterile/hygienic processes (fermentation) in the pharmaceutical industry. Made of FDA-compliant materials, with highly polished surface finish to facilitate cleaning, they fully meet international regulations such as EHEDG.

Feature and benefits:


ISM technology
  • Plug and Measure for seamless installation
  • Pre batch diagnostics for best measurement performance
  • Full traceability for complete documentation
High performance
  • Inline measurement for real-time process control
  • Reliable CO2measurement
  • Fast response
  • High signal stability thanks to new probe design
Easy handling
  • Proven membrane body concept for low maintenance
  • Only process calibration is needed
Hygienic design
  • Fully SIP resistant and autoclavable
  • PTFE coated membrane to avoid biofouling
  • FDA compliant design and materials


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