FerMac 368 Gas Analyser

Easy-to-use , low cost cell activity monitoring system

Key Features for the FerMac 368 Gas Analyser

  • Economical method of monitoring growth conditions
  • Can be used with any size or make of bioreactor
  • Integrated flow meter & pump for constant gas flow
  • High stability CO2 measurement using our proven infrared system
  • Measurement of oxygen cell includes temperature compensation
  • Designed specifically for fermentation use
  • The electrochemical sensor is unaffected by other gases


Real time monitoring of CO2 & O2

The FerMac 368 Gas Analyser analyses the amount of oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production in the outlet gas from your bioreactor or fermenter. Real-time monitoring of CO2 and O2 is a valuable tool for the measurement of cell growth within your fermentor vessels. Monitoring these changes can improve productivity by indicating the correct rates for oxygen flow and substrate feed. Using the FerMac 368 Gas Analyser you can also make calculations of respiratory quotient (RQ), oxygen transfer rate (OTR), carbon dioxide transfer rate (CTR), as well as metabolic rate.

The gas analyser can be used with all major makes of fermentors. Applikon, Infors as well as New Brunswick bioreactors and Braun bioreactors are just some of the fermenter manufacturers for which the FerMac 368 Gas Analyser has been supplied.

Easy to use and cost effective Gas Analyser

The FerMac 368 Gas Analyser is both easy-to-use and has a lower cost than other cell growth monitoring systems. It will give you better indication of actual cell growth (live cell activity) than an optical density probe; it is easier to set up than a biomass monitoring probe and has a much lower cost than a mass spectrometer. It can be used with microbial fermentation and most cell culture work.

Simple installation

Although originally designed for use with Electrolab's fermenter systems, the FerMac 368 can be used with any size or make of bioreactor. Significantly, it doesn’t require complex installation and can be used either as an independent instrument or can be integrated with your existing fermentation software.

An integral flow meter and pump for constant gas flow

Customers with needs like yours around the world appreciate the benefits of our highly stable infrared CO2 measuring system and purpose-designed electrochemical O2 sensor. What’s more, this analyser incorporates its own flow meter and pump to ensure constant gas flow: it all adds up to an economical, reliable and cost-effective method of determining metabolic rate.

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