Proven colorimetric paper-tape technology
Fast response-analysis time to quantify increasing or decreasing concentration levels
Unbeatable performance: 5 ppbv sensitivity level; low ranges 0 to 1 ppmv and 0 to 100 ppbv
Rugged, field-proven construction and five- to 14-week tape lifetime enable hands-off operation for extended periods of time (tape life depends upon application)
Designed for easy serviceability throughout
Comprehensive, “smart” self-diagnostics coupled with remote access enables fast and easy issue identification and resolution
10 quick-status indicator lights (LED) and large, easy-read visual display (LCD)
Proprietary Tape Assurance System assures smooth, trouble-free operation
User-friendly Windows® -based software with graphical interface
Solar power option for remote area operation



40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja flare gas emissions monitoring
Food & Beverage

Food-grade CO2
Natural Gas Pipeline

Custody transfer
Odorant monitoring
Natural Gas Processing

40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja flare gas emissions monitoring
NG plant inlet/outlet gas
NG sweetening
Oil & Refining / Petrochemical

40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja flare gas emissions monitoring
Catalyst protection
Feedstock/fuel gas monitoring

Stack emissions for reporting
Industrial hygiene / worker safety
Organic synthesis – phosgene


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