Color of Refined Fuels

The petroleum refining and petrochemical industries can benefit greatly with the use of inline color measurements. Detecting color changes of refined fuels directly in the process stream alerts refinery personnel of immediate process upsets that could affect final product quality.

Historically, monitoring refined fuel color changes was accomplished with a "grab sampling" technique and/or relied on human interpretation against ASTM, Saybolt or other color standards. Today, these measurements can be done with precise and reliable inline color sensors.


Color of Refined Fuels Benefits

  • Ensure product quality and fuel grade
  • Catch process upsets real-time, protecting downstream equipment
  • Minimize out of spec fuels
  • Precisely cut product interfaces directly in the pipeline

Fuel Contaminant Monitoring

Often, color changes in fuel signals contamination. Detecting these contaminants directly inline allows operators to redirect the process for further refining or re-distillation. Installing multiple inline color sensors through out the refinery can also be beneficial in pin pointing the sources for these contaminations.

Petroleum Product Color

The petroleum refining and petrochemical industries rely on Saybolt and ASTM color scales (among others) to ensure product quality. optek inline Saybolt analyzers and ASTM monitors allow refineries, pipeline companies and storage facilities to measure and monitor these color values directly in the pipeline.

Using this real-time data provided by optek inline Saybolt and ASTM analyzers, pipeline operators are able to cut product/product interfaces precisely. This measurement ensures that products are not downgraded by intermixing of lesser quality products. Terminalling facilities are also assured that incoming fuels are in spec.

Inline refined fuel color monitoring allows operators to control temperature and flow rate into the distillation unit. Further, if off color distillates are detected operators can decide immediately whether to retain the distillate or rerun into the column.

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