TF16 Dual Channel Turbidity Sensor

The TF16 turbidity sensor is a precise dual channel, scattered light turbidity sensor. This sensor is designed to provide inline control solutions for a variety of industrial processes, from sanitary CIP/SIP applications to high-pressure, high-temperature industrial applications.

The TF16 turbidity sensor uses light in the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) range from 400 to 1100 nm. A precisely defined, constant light beam penetrates the process medium. Light scattered from particles (trace suspended solids, undissolved liquids or gas bubbles) in the medium is detected by eight hermetically sealed silicon photo diodes at the angle of 11°.

Simultaneously, the unscattered light is detected by a reference photo diode. This unique dual-channel design compensates for disturbances such as background color or color changes of the carrier medium. The sensor can be calibrated in ppm, EBC or FTU and measures extremely low particle sizes and concentrations.

The single crystal sapphire optical window provides superior resistance to all abrasive and corrosive media. The TF16 turbidity sensor is available with broad variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials and can be adapted easily to the process. High-temperature and explosion-proof options are also available.


TF16 Features

  • Inline Real Time Process Monitoring
  • Dual channel color compensation
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • CIP/SIP-compatible
  • Broad variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials
  • Designed for high-temperatures and pressures

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