Gpro 500 – למדידת חמצן

אנלייזרים מוגני פיצוץ למדידת חמצן, CO ו- CO2 בשיטת לייזר

Interference-free, drift-free TDL technology offers better process control and lower maintenance costs.

However, for reliable measurement with a TDL sometimes necessary framework conditions such as minimum optical path length, the availability of a purge gas supply and/or maximum dust load get in the way. Acknowledging these constraints, METTLER TOLEDO has developed specific process interface solutions that substantially increase the coverage of possible TDL applications. Based on the folded optical path principle, METTLER TOLEDO’s range of compact TDL spectrometers and unique process adaptions, for process, safety, combustion, and vapor recovery applications are essential instruments for improving your processes:

  • Versatility in monitoring your process
  • Simplicity to ease field operations
  • Performance that gives you a leading edge

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